Icon not showing up in Windows7

I deleted several applications from my desktop and suddenly some of the icons are not showing up properly. I’ve tried deleting the IconCache from user/AppsData/Local and restarted my computer but the problem is still there.

Here is my solution:

1. Press Ctrl-Shift-Escape to get the task manager.
2. In the Processes tab, click on explorer.exe and click End Process. You’ll get a confirmation dialog. Click “End Process” to confirm.

Don’t’ Panic! windows explorer just disappear!

Note: do not exit out of the Task Manager
3. From the File menu (still in the task manager), choose New Task Manager
4. Copy the following command and paste it into the run box and run it:

cmd /c del %userprofile%\AppData\Local\IconCache.db /a
5. Go back to the file menu and open another  New Task.  Enter this command into the run box and run it:


Once your normal windows explorer comes back on. All your icon should be good to go.


Furnace doesn’t turn on after the temperature drop beyond Set temp.


Recently my old furnace was giving me quite a scare. I’ve noticed  the furnace doesn’t turn on during the night when the temperature drop 5 to 10 degrees pass the set temperature. During the day it works flawlessly. My temporary solution was turning the furnace power switch manually off and on. This would power up the furnace and warm up the whole house than the problem would re-occur the following night. I’ve done everything I bought new thermostat, clean and vacuum dust inside the furnace but with no permanent solution.

Here’s what i did which help solve the problem.

First I make sure the furnace’s fan runs. As I watch the gas lighting process takes place, I notice that after 3 attempts it stops. I realized the thermocouple was dirty. I clean it and my heating is working normally again. After a week I replace it with a new thermocouple for a long term solution.


This is the Thermocouple

My advice to you is “Replace It” but if you don’t have the thermocouple right at the moment you can (temporary solution) clean the thermocouple with a dollar bill preferably a newer bill, it works better or a very fine sand paper.


This is where the thermocouple located.


Make sure to clean and vacuum all dust.